2019 OTT Accolades Finalists

Please complete 2019 OTTA nominations for each category for which you wish to submit. In addition to submitted nominations, nomination sources include industry media and consultants, PR agencies, third party customers and partners, as well as our Review Committee which includes Trender Research, OTT Executive Magazine editors, OTT Executive Summit moderators, and a few select industry VIPs. Nominations will be considered by the Review Committee on a rolling basis until March 1st. OTT Accolades honorees will be promoted to our 45,000 member OTT Video community and profiled in the Spring 2019 issue of OTT Executive Magazine. Please send any questions to info@OTTexec.com. For each submission, please include the follow information. Thank you!

  • Name of person, product, or company. If person, please provide title, bio, headshot (via email), and LinkedIn profile page link. For all submissions please provide company logo via email.
  • Contact info of person (both nominee and the person submitting the nomination), or product/company representative.
  • Type/Category of product or company (vendor or service provider; product or service category, etc.)
  • Reason the person, product, or company deserves to be considered for that particular award category based on the criteria mentioned. Please provide any supporting material that would support the nomination.
  • Please include any links to relevant websites, articles, research, case studies, etc.
  • Please send the nomination and any additional information or attachments to info@OTTexec.com.

2018 OTT Accolades (OTTAs) Announced

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