OTT Executive Summit Overview

T he OTT (Over the Top) Executive Summit brings together the top minds in the fields of television, film, cable/telecom, and enabling technologies, together with over 40 expert speakers from across the industry, to discuss how OTT is enabling new business models for both traditional Pay TV providers and new innovators. More than 90% of attendees are CEOs or VPs or other senior executives and most are themselves key thought leaders and decision makers. Confirmed attendees include executives from ABC, CBS Corporation, NBCUniversal, Fox, Hulu, FreeCast, HBO, QVC, NatureVision TV, NBC News, Complex TV, HGTV, Design Network TV, Comcast, Verizon, Cablevision, Footprint TV, Intelsat, Rogers, Time Warner Cable, VideoBuster, Rentrak, Theater Streams, DirecTV, Piksel, Christian Broadcasting Network, Rabbit TV, GigaMex, Pilotly, and many others. There is limited space available so please sign up soon to take advantage of the great content and networking during the day. Please direct any questions to OTT Executive Summit President Brian Mahony:, 508-479-7254

The first Summit held in Boston was hailed by a leading analyst as an innovative event "that had the perfect size and format for the topics being discussed, and was very insightful". A senior executive from Verizon called it an "excellent chance to share ideas and insights with an extremely bright, gregarious group... a truly worthwhile, enjoyable, experience. Great job putting this together!" The second OTT Summit in New York was bigger and better, drawing from experts and executives from the media hub of the world. The 2015 reprise of the New York venue will continue the highly informed and interactive discussions, with a few innovations. For example, for 2015 we are adding a "Product SpeedCase" to showcase some cool new OTT products and services.

The OTT Video Executive Summit is like no other conference you have attended. The format is guaranteed to make it highly strategic, educational, and lots of fun. The conference mingles industry executives and experts with a focus group of normal everyday people representing various demographics. In addition to discussions of key industry topics, the OTT Video Executive Summit is gamefied, with the winner being awarded the "OTT Genius” trophy. This conference is sure to be a thought-provoking and fun way to exchange ideas.

OTT Summit- NY15

Representative Past Attendees

Why Attend?

At the OTT Video Executive Summit, we cover the hot-button trends that are impacting the industry right now. Our session topics are timely and will likely shape your working priorities when you go back to the office. You will leave having heard from the authoritative voices in the industry on the key issues affecting your bottom line.



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Trender Chats


Winner of the "OTT Genius" trophy

Platinum Sponsor

OTT Summit- NY15

About SeaChange

Enabling our customers to deliver billions of premium video streams across a matrix of pay-TV and OTT platforms, SeaChange (Nasdaq: SEAC) empowers service providers, broadcasters, content owners and brand advertisers to entertain audiences, engage consumers and expand business opportunities. As a three-time Emmy award-winning organization with over 20 years of experience, we give media businesses the content management, delivery, measurement and analytics capabilities they need to craft an individualized branded experience for every viewer that sets the pace for quality and value worldwide. Visit

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2015 Agenda

June 17th, NYC

  • 7:30 - 8:15Check-In and Networking Breakfast

  • 8:15 - 8:30Welcome

  • 8:30 - 9:15Session 1: 2015 OTT Industry Scan- Assessment of Latest Deals, Strategies, and New OTT Services

    2015 is really shaping up to be the "Year of OTT". Every week it seems there is a new product, service, or strategy being announced by both incumbent Pay TV providers and new entrants. Apple TV, HBO Go, Netflix, Amazon, Sony Vue, Sling TV, Verizon, CBS, Orange, Univision, TiVo... the pace of change is accelerating at a dizzying pace. In this session, we'll try to make sense of it all. We'll sort through those developments that are really revolutionary and shaping the industry, and those that earn yawns. We'll start by tackling how traditional Pay TV services are faring-- is TV Everywhere enough? Then we'll discuss if the new disruptors are really going to poach cord-cutters in large numbers-- or will consumers balk when they add up the re-bundled costs? Finally, we'll investigate what key Pay TV features are missing in the new OTT services, and whether they may become barriers to wide-scale adoption.  

    Moderator: Brian Mahony, CEO and Principal Analyst, Trender Research
    Format: Expert Panel (with Trender Panel)  

    Joshua Snow, Senior Director, Digital Incubation, DIRECTV
    Jay Samit, CEO, SeaChange
    David Price, Head of TV Business Development, Ericsson
    Darren Lepke, Product Line Manager, OTT Applications, Verizon Digital Media Services
  • 9:15 - 9:30Morning Break

  • 9:30 - 9:45Trender Chat #1: Millennials

    Moderator: Brian Mahony, CEO and Principal Analyst, Trender Research
    Format: Trender Chat  

    Millenials' video watching habits are unique and they are forgoing Pay TV subscriptions at an alarming rate. In fact, many argue they are the key demographic driving new OTT subscriptions since they not only represent the future, but they can be considered "found money" if traditional Pay TV providers can find ways to entertain them.
  • 9:45 - 10:30 Session 2: Millennials: A Driving Innovative Force in the Industry, or Just A Phase?

    Millennials are generally defined as a generation born between 1980 and 2000, and therefore came of age amidst the mobile and Internet booms. They are tech savvy, and often difficult to predict how their consumer habits will change as they age. There is no doubt that many board rooms are formulating their OTT strategies with this demographic in mind, but why? Do they really merit all the attention? More than being cord-cutters, they have been labeled "cord nevers", and finding a way to pull them "back into the fold", or create a "new fold", is crucial to the future of the entire entertainment ecosystem. In this session, we'll dig into what makes them tick. What makes OTT a more attractive option for millennials, does it change how they (and others) consume media, and do these trends really have staying power as they get jobs, become home owners, and have families?  
    Moderator: Jocelyn Johnson, Founder, VideoInk
    Format: Expert Panel (with Trender Panel)
    Rich Antoniello, CEO, Complex
    David Wiesenfeld, Chief Strategist, Tru Optik
    Steve Smith, Founding Partner, Footprint.TV
  • 10:30 - 11:15Session 3: How to Build a Robust and Profitable OTT Ecosystem

    In this session, we bring together experts across the OTT ecosystem to discuss how to build and deploy a robust OTT service by integrating content, transaction management, analytics, advertising, video service delivery, multiplatform device support, and an engaging user experience. Let's hear from the experts how to maximize customer adoption, what pitfalls to avoid, and opportunities to make your new OTT service go beyond traditional TV to become something better and more profitable.  

    Moderator: Steve Davi, SVP Software Engineering, Synacor
    Format: Expert Panel (without Trender Panel)

    Mike Lucero, VP Connected TV Strategy and Products, Ratio
    Sefy Ariely, EVP Americas, Viaccess-Orca
    Ben McLean, SVP Digital Enterprises, NBCUniversal
    Doug Parrish, President, Americas, RR Media
    Mark Myslinski, Media Product Dev. Manager, Intelsat
  • 11:15 - 11:30Platinum Keynote

    Platinum Keynote: "OTT Analytics:  Driving Consumer Engagement"
    Sud Kaushik, Senior Director of Global Rave Products & Business, SeaChange

    Sud will draw from his vast experience at SeaChange and past roles at Verizon FiOS TV, Flexview and StarzPlay, to provide insights on the current status and future direction of the OTT industry. Looking at OTT audience analytics, Sud will help us understand the larger trends shaping OTT viewing behavior.
  • 11:30 - 12:15Session 4: You Decide- The Top OTT Technology Trends in 2015

    In this session, we'll pick up from our LinkedIn group discussion what we think are the top 5 technology trends shaping OTT this year-- 4K/8K, mobile TV, new methods of audience measurement, growth of Smart TVs, new ad-insertion techniques, social TV, new streaming technologies, HbbTV, DOCSIS 3.1, etc.? What is real, what is practical, and what is just a passing fad, or completely undoable in the near future. You'll help us think through and prioritize the top 5 OTT tech trends for further analysis and publication in the next issue of OTT Executive Magazine.  
    Moderator: Jim Turner, Head of Market Development, Net2TV
    Format: Expert Panel (with Trender Panel)

    Chris Walters, CEO, Encompass Digital Media
    Martijn van Horssen, CEO, 24i Media
    Matt Smith, Chief Evangelist, Anvato
    James Norman, CEO, Pilotly
  • 12:15 - 1:15Lunch and Summit Keynote

    Brian Balthazar, Vice President of Programming and Development, HGTV

    Brian will share his thoughts as both a television personality and TV executive with keen insights as to what “works” in today’s fragmented entertainment market. Brian will be talking about how OTT Video, multiplatform television, and interactivity are changing the very nature of how we consume video content today.
  • 1:15 - 2:00Session 5: Monetizing Content and Advertising in a Post-Linear, Multiscreen World

    This session is all about how to squeeze the most revenue and profit from content and advertising in the rapidly evolving OTT world. What are the best options for optimizing content windows across multiple distribution platforms? What forms of advertising best translate to OTT? How do you mitigate the economic damage of a rapidly crumbling TV subscription bundle as content becomes more a la carte? How do you balance the costs and ROI of licensed versus original content? Is the over-abundance of premium content being produced right now sustainable? We'll tackle these and other key questions facing the industry.  

    Moderator: James Norman, CEO, Pilotly
    Format: Expert Panel (with Trender Panel)

    Dennis Nugent, President, Vidillion
    Kevin Joyce, Chief Commercial Officer, Piksel
    Bonnie Optekman, Founder, Theater Streams
    Ed Laczynski, CEO, Zype
    Chris Wagner, EVP & Co-Founder, NeuLion
  • 2:00 - 2:45Product SpeedCase/ Afternoon Break

    During this time, we'll break into pods and meet with the sponsors in the product showcase. In five minutes, each will get a chance to pitch the benefits of their solution. At the end, we'll vote on the "Best of Show".
  • 2:45 - 3:30 Session 6: Video Distribution and Quality of Service- Best Practices for Delivering OTT Content Across Both Managed and "Off-Net" Networks

    Delivering HD content across networks of various types has evolved from a curious possibility to an economic necessity. In short, the entire OTT industry depends on it. In the best scenario, customers enjoy a seamless experience, a multitude of content options, across a variety of devices without ever thinking about where it comes from or how. In the worst case scenario, customers suffer from a fragmented and disrupted OTT service, thereby stifling adoption and innovation. Also, what impact will net neutrality have? In this session, our experts will share with us the state of the art in video service delivery to ensure the best quality of service for customers.  

    Moderator: Ben Chodor, EVP, InterCall
    Format: Expert Panel (with Trender Panel)
    Jean-Michel Planche, SVP Technology, Witbe
    Mark Donnigan, VP Sales & Strategy, Beamr
    Jonathan Shields, Director of Business Development, Limelight Networks
    David Price, Head of TV Business Development, Ericsson
    Kurt Michel, Sr. Director of Marketing, IneoQuest Technologies
  • 3:30 - 3:45 Trender Chat #2: The Modern Digital Family

    Moderator: Brian Mahony, CEO and Principal Analyst, Trender Research
    Format: Trender Chat  

    Today's digital family is nothing like the days when mom, dad, and kids gathered all together at the same time to watch the same shows. A more current scenario reveals family members in different rooms, watching different shows, at different times, on different devices. You might catch your child ignoring your new 60 inch TV, while she lounges on the couch watching a show from her iPhone 6 with earbuds. And good luck getting everyone to agree on what to watch. What can we learn from them to better serve (and profit from) today's modern digital families?
  • 3:45 - 4:30Session 7: Search and Discovery and User Experience in the Age of Disintegration

    In this informative session, we'll discuss how to deliver an OTT or hybrid OTT/Pay-TV service using the latest techniques for search and discovery, content navigation, and user engagement. We'll delve into how the very definitions of channels and brands are changing, and ways to improve content discovery and user experience using personalization/recommendation engines, social media, universal content browsers, content sampling, and new types of guides and interface devices. We'll also discuss what role TV apps play, and how they replace or co-mingle with the concept of "channels." Finally, we'll discuss the opportunities and trade-offs of organizing content across multiple forms and devices. Can OTT actually make "watching TV" simpler and more enjoyable, or will it only make it more fragmented and confusing?

    Moderator: Rick Howe, The iTV Doctor
    Format: Expert Panel (with Trender Panel)

    Stephen Johnson, UX Expert, Time Warner Cable
    Mike Earle, CEO, AioTV
    Jeff Berenson, Principal, ITV Partners
    Steve Kasakitis, former VP Advanced User Experience, DIRECTV
  • 4:30 - 5:15 Session 8: Battle of the OTT/OVP Platforms

    We'll end the day with a friendly battle among the leading OTT/OVP platforms. Rather than being antagonistic, our expert panelists will help anyone planning to deploy an OTT service to differentiate between what is mission critical versus what is just a "nice to have." They will also share some innovations from real-life customer studies and possibly help shape the key requirements for your next OTT RFP. What criteria should you use to choose a platform partner? How much should you expect to be fully productized versus requiring custom development? What third-party integration is required? How well does the platform scale to fit your growing content distribution needs? How important is speed to market? Should you be building "OTT Lite" for now or biting the bullet on an expensive and comprehensive future-proof platform? We'll wrestle with these and other strategic questions to help you decide what is important.  

    Moderator: Steve Harnsberger, VP Global BD, Imagine Communications
    Format: Expert Panel (without Trender Panel)
    Daniel Webster, Managing Director, Strategic Services, Kaltura
    Anil Jain, SVP & GM Media Business, Brightcove
    William Mobley, CEO, FreeCast/ Rabbit TV
    Martin Wahl, Principal Program Manager, Microsoft Azure
    Hillary Henderson, Director, Product Management, Clearleap
  • 5:15 - 5:30Closing and "OTT Genius" Trophy Presentation

  • 5:30 - 6:30 VIP Happy Hour in Westin's "Bar 10" (invite only)

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Spotlight Keynote

Brian Balthazar will share his thoughts as both a television personality and TV executive with keen insights as to what “works” in today’s fragmented entertainment market. Brian will be talking about how OTT Video, multiplatform television, and interactivity are changing the very nature of how we consume video content today.

Brian Balthazar

Vice President, Programming and Development, Scripps Networks' HGTV, DIY Network, and Great American Country

Brian Balthazar is vice president of programming and development for Scripps Networks Interactive’s brands HGTV, DIY Network and Great American Country. In this role, he is currently creating, developing and overseeing several new specials, pilots and series on the three networks.

In 2014, Balthazar was co-executive producer of ABC’s popular daytime talk show The View, working alongside Whoopi Goldberg, Rosie O’Donnell, Rosie Perez and Nicolle Wallace and a long list of talented guest co-hosts.

Prior to his work on The View, Balthazar was Vice President of Programming and Executive Producer of Digital content production for’s main homepage, where he helped launch the portal’s 24/7 video strategy and content. He was often the host of AOL Spotlight, where he sat down with celebrities in the world of film, television and Broadway for fun, light-hearted laughs – and sometimes intimate insights. His guests have included Jim Parsons, Adam Levine, Aaron Eckhart, Wendy Williams, George Lopez, Jerry Springer, Kristin Chenoweth, Naomi Campbell, Joan Rivers and more.

As director of programming at HGTV in 2008, Balthazar oversaw countless hours of television programming over the next five years. Under his creative leadership, his shows, The House Huntersfranchise, Selling New York, and dozens more, consistently ranked as the network’s highest performing programs each week.

Balthazar was also responsible for launching the wildly popular fourth hour of NBC’s TODAY Show with Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb, serving as the show’s leading creative force. Simultaneously, he was nurturing a side hobby as a standup comic, performing in New York City clubs, and going in front of the camera as a features reporter for NBC-owned local stations as well as United Airlines in-flight entertainment.

Throughout his career, Balthazar has remained closely tied to current events and popular culture, thanks to the launch of his popular website His mix of quirky humor and reliable journalistic cred made him a frequent guest and expert on entertainment news, pop culture, viral trends and celebrity buzz on many national television programs including The Wendy Williams Show, The TODAY Show, CNN’s New Day and VH1’s I Love The 2000’s and Politics Nation With Al Sharpton, and Balthazar has been interviewed and quoted for newspapers and magazines including USA Today, The Daily News, The Christian ScienceMonitor, US Weekly and more.

Before ‘finding myself’ professionally, I was a singer on a ship, a publicist for a trance medium, an insurance customer service rep, waiter, bartender, activities director, substitute teacher, website programmer, pianist at a camp for spoiled children, and college mascot. None of them worked out. Let’s hope this does.
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Platinum Keynote

Sud Kaushik

Senior Director of Global Rave Products & Business, SeaChange

Sud Kaushik is responsible for global product, business and market development strategy for SeaChange's cloud OTT and multiscreen products including the Rave premium-OTT platform. He has deep experience in advanced product development, business and program management with companies including Verizon, Avail/TVN and Dell for massively scaled business-to-consumer content service launches including FiOS TV, Flexview and StarzPlay.

OTT's arrival kicks-off numerous exciting dimensions for TV's stakeholders. We'll begin to see where it's headed by working to understand the individual consumer in all contexts of her interactions with OTT and then engage with far greater effect and value over time.


Our moderators are thought leaders in the industry.

Brian Mahony

CEO and Chief Trender, Trender Research

Jocelyn Johnson

Founder, VideoInk

James Norman

CEO, Pilotly

Jim Turner

SVP Market Development, Net2TV

Steve Harnsberger

VP Global BD, Imagine Communications

Steve Davi

SVP Software Engineering, Synacor

Rick Howe

"The iTV Doctor"

Ben Chodor

EVP, InterCall


Each speaker has been carefully selected to speak authoritatively on the session topic.

Jay Samit

CEO, SeaChange

Sefy Ariely

EVP Americas, Viaccess-Orca

Chris Walters

CEO, Encompass Digital Media

Mike Lucero

VP Connected TV Strategy and Products, Ratio

Ed Laczynski

CEO, Zype

Chris Wagner

EVP and Co-Founder, NeuLion

Ben McLean

SVP Digital Enterprises, NBCUniversal

Steve Smith

Founding Partner, Footprint.TV

Bonnie Optekman

Founder, Theater Streams

Darren Lepke

PLM, OTT Applications, Verizon

Hillary Henderson

Director, Product Management, Clearleap

Joshua Snow

Senior Director, Digital Incubation, DIRECTV

Jocelyn Johnson

Founder, VideoInk

Kevin Joyce

Chief Commercial Officer, Piksel

David Wiesenfeld

Chief Strategist, Tru Optik

Anil Jain

SVP & GM of Media Business, Brightcove

Daniel Webster

Managing Director, Strategic Solutions, Kaltura

Ben Chodor

EVP, InterCall

Martin Wahl

Principal Program Manager, Microsoft Azure

Jeff Berenson

Principal, ITV Partners

Mark Donnigan

VP Sales & Strategy, Beamr

Bill Mobley

CEO, FreeCast/ Rabbit TV

Michael Earle


Steve Kasakitis

former VP Advanced User Experience, DIRECTV

Rick Howe

"The iTV Doctor"

Steve Davi

SVP Software Engineering, Synacor

James Norman

CEO, Pilotly

Dennis Nugent

President, Vidillion

Martijn van Horssen

CEO, 24i Media

Stephen Johnson

UX Expert, Time Warner Cable

Doug Parrish

President, Americas, RR Media

David Price

Head of TV Business Development, Ericsson

Rich Antoniello

CEO, Complex

Steve Harnsberger

VP Global BD, Imagine Communications

Matt Smith

Chief Evangelist, Anvato

Brian Mahony

CEO and Chief Trender, Trender Research

Jean-Michel Planche

SVP Technology and Co-Founder, Witbe

Mark Myslinski

Media Product Development Manager, Intelsat

Jonathan Shields

Director of BD, Limelight Networks

Jim Turner

SVP Market Development, Net2TV

Kurt Michel

Sr. Director of Marketing, IneoQuest

Trender Panel

At the OTT Video Executive Summit, a Trender Panel representing people from all walks of life will participate in our discussions and in some cases present a specific perspective.


Payment Instructions

Video on Demand (VOD) All Sessions: $249 

Streaming the sessions from the last OTT Executive Summit is a great way to learn about the major issues impacting the industry right now. Or gather your team in a conference room and use the insights from our experts as the basis for a training or strategic discussions with your management team.

Your payment will be processed securely via the form to the right. Pay via PayPal or major credit card, or check. After payment, refunds are not available. After registering, enter your email and password at this link "OTT Executive Summit VOD Sessions"

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Your conference... gamefied.

O ne of the innovations that makes the OTT Video Executive Summit unique is the use of gamification to keep the dialogue interactive and fun. How often have we been to conferences where someone stands at a podium and drones on and on, making sure to include every possible buzzword and bit of technical jargon in the presentation. Not here. Though we will have expert speakers and industry executives dispensing wisdom, we'll "keep them honest" by awarding points for good presentations, comments, or predicting how the expert or Trender panels may respond to key questions posed to them. And we'll do it in real-time during the conference. The winner will be awarded the "OTT Video Genius" trophy at the end of the day. Just a small token of the audience's appreciation for being interesting and insightful.

To do this, each attendee must remember to bring a smart phone, tablet, or laptop to the event. We'll make sure you get a good WiFi connection or you can use your mobile service provider. Click this link to join the "OTT Video Executive Summit" LinkedIn group to access content and receive instructions for onsite interaction and "The Game". The rest of the game system will be explained onsite.

2014 "OTT Genius" Trophy Winners: Jean-Michel Planche and Steve Harnsberger